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PostSubject: QUICK SCOPE TUT   Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:01 am

im going to tell you some guides to help you be a better faster sniper. k i will tell you some tips about every sniper out now (not eng) and then il throw a nade and ss tip in also ^^
if someone else has any tips that i missed feel free to post here

im not used to writeing these so forgive me. i know theres alot more pro tips but il do my best guys!

ok for faster and more accurate quick scope theres a few things you can do but il tell you the fastest methods iv used.

FIRST, no hud ^^

ok, hit h when you start the game. it will take away your gun so you cant see it but use the middle of your screen to aim and hit scope. you will see your scope dont worry. when you use this it makes it easyer to guess where your scope will be cause you have to without hud. learn where to aim with your screen, and when you use hud it will make it easyer to guess for quick scope.
it also helps even if you use a sprayer which is easyer to start with if you arent so hot with a sniper.

SECOND you can try g coin crosshair which you can get in items for 16 coins. i used the light blue dot cause it stands out and gives you a small crosshair. it shows up on your sniper without scope so once you get pro with it ( which is fairly easy ) its easyer cause your used to useing your screen to aim.

3RD: get something small but heavy to hold down tab button. go to training to practice and on soldier front in the r on soldier where the \ connect with p in R, in the corner will be your aim when you scope. walk around and use that part of your screen. i recommend you dont shoot targets targets but pick a object and move around. go behind a turn and scope and shoot as as fast as you can.

4TH: ss training. when you do a ss, it switches out too make you take longer to shoot again. when you do this, it makes you have too become more accurate. i did this training just today, and my qs was 20% faster. i have qws from duffle, so it made it easyer. but, while you do this without qws and even with it, you will become more accurate and learn how too aim faster cause you have too or else you will die. just like channel 10 cw training. you get owned, but you still learn something. to learn too ss: read my tip number 7, or ask for a free lesson ^_^ i will be giving lessons if you allow me to warm up first.

5TH: this is a special quick scope my friend showed me, i have tryed learning it with psg but i just cant get the hang of it. scope, shoot, scope, scope. it brings you back into the scope as soon as you qs, it saves you time. my friend said it was done all the time in counter strike but iv never thought of that.all of the glory goes to my friend for this one.

ok now for tips ^^

tip 1#FRF2. frf2 is a light 10 ammo per clip gun. its best sniper in the game for jump shot. to use at far boxes you use the bottom of the -- to aim with. put that a hair higher then the top of their head, that is only on this one though.you need to make sure of the distance.its light and takes about 2 seconds to load a shot. colt is what id tell you to use cause its accurate enough and packs a punch just powerfull enough to kill if you have hit them with frf2.

tip 2# AWPits good and accurate at boxes. its good with js but not as good as frf2.
to use on a box thats far like shang use second scope and use the o not the middle one but the one below it a little to the left but not all the way. put the o right over the lip of the box. you have to tweek it a little bit cause im talking about the warehouse b box and the 3 boxes straight across as i will be with all box examples. i use ben with this sniper cause the awp is strong and dosnt need that much compensation. if you hit them and they live without armour its 40-1 hp that they have and 1 pellet from ben takes about 3-9 hp.

tip 3# PSG-1. a semi light gun. 5 ammo clip. for box use the -- for a guide. put it at the top of their head but not over it too far, just at the line then to to the left until the | is a little past their right eye if they are faceing you. this is a semi auto and is not good with moveing and shooting or jump shooting. for this i recommend a high power pistol nota shotgun cause you cant move with this gun very well. mr73 or desert eagle or even the colt will work.

tip#4 M110. a good fast gun. greatest boxer to start with and you dont have to be pro to box.
to box use use the o straight in the center of their head or go up a little bit. its a semi and all semi's are bad at moveing with so i recommend a pistol again but glock or barreta will work cause this gun is fast and powerfull but its not as hopeless as dragy is when it comes to moveing. just run stop crouch shoot run to be accurate, but use qs for it. its good for cw cause the weight and speed.

tip 5# DRAGUNOV. my opinion the most fun sniper ^^. the ^ sight is hard to use at first but it becomes the best gun for accuracy when it comes to boxes. powerfull but heavy and almost as slow as frf2 but makes up for in damage and clip size. use the middle of the ^ instead of bottom or top to aim and its straight up and down to shoot boxes. barreta is what i recommend for this gun. rdg-5 is also good for it cause the gun is easy to shoot with boxes far away and up close but rdg-5 is better for close boxes.

tip 6# silent shot. with guns like frf2 which is slow loading ss is helpfull if the other person hasnt seen you or your aim isnt too great. i only recommend you do this at boxes or from cover! to ss you just switch to your gun ( you can do it with any ) and hit 3 for knife. if you havent changed it when you hit f it should switch to previous weapon. when you scope make sure you have a good shot and let your index finger go to f shoot and hit f and shoot almost same time f a little later.
if it wasnt silent it should be quieter and harder to tell where i came from. if you dont hit the box or anything near him he wont know he was shot at. if you do it too fast tho and hit f sooner then it shoots it will switch without shooting and you will have to try again so i recommend you try it in training but dont bother with hitting targets.

tip 7# nading. ok if they know where you are and you have to get outa there fast, throw a smoke nade down close too you so he wil focus on it then throw a flash into it. if you do it right the smoke will cover the flash so he gets blinded. most people stay crouched or run backwards so what i do is crouch walk over to their spot and crouch behind it where they cant see me and in about 3 seconds i pop up and shoot them ^^ epicly funny and if you dont think it worked wait until th nade is about to blow and throw one up in the air over them. they will think turn around if it is thrown right and it will still blind them a bit.

well thats all FOR NOW but i WILL be back soon with more.


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